All Utahns deserve access to affordable healthcare. I will seek assignment to the House Health and Human Resources Committee to assess alternatives to cap rising healthcare costs and bridge the medicaid gap for low income families. I favor independent partnerships that can potentially provide a less expensive alternative to the federal healthcare exchange.


Education is the key to Utah's future. I oppose the intrusion of federal programs in our schools. I favor school choice, and the right of parents to direct the education of their children. I applaud efforts by our current legislature to equalize school funding across the state. I favor raising teacher salaries to pay our teachers a competitive wage,  and creation of community partnerships to mentor at-risk youth and their families.


Utah's fiscal house is in order, and low tax rates and limited spending will keep it in order. However, recent federal tax reforms penalize marriage and hurt families with children. I favor restructuring Utah's tax burden and creating tax incentives to mitigate the negative impact of these federal reforms.

Utah is riding a wave of unparalleled economic prosperity, but a thriving economy should benefit everyone. I favor creating economic incentives to bring more, higher paying jobs to Weber County, and statewide initiatives that target joblessness, low wages and lack of opportunity.


Utah's amazing natural resources must be protected for future generations. Utah has made major strides toward cleaner air under the Herbert administration, but more can be done. I favor creating incentives for voluntarily meeting low emission thresholds, tax incentives for the purchase of low emission vehicles, and subsidizing and expanding Trax.

Air Quality and Environment

The 10th Amendment defines the limits of federal power, but it is the responsibility of state governments to check federal overreach. I believe that the role of government is to serve its citizens, that government must often be restrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens, and that "better laws" rather than "more laws" should be the objective of Utah's legislature.

States' Rights and Role of Government