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Dear Neighbor:

I am seeking the Republican nomination for the Utah House of Representatives, District 10. I am proud to call Utah home. It is here that I was taught the values of hard work, integrity and compassion. It is here that my husband and I have raised our family, and have attempted to instill these same values in our children and grandchildren. I believe that Utah is and can continue to be a great place to live and raise a family, if we take steps safeguard that future.  

Over the 35 years that I've lived in Ogden, I have raised a family of 11 children, have practiced law for 20 years and have served our community in numerous capacities. I have seen first hand the power of ordinary people to make a difference when they work together toward a common goal. I would be grateful for the opportunity to work for you in the Utah House of Representatives to build a bright future for all of Utah. I earnestly request your support and your vote. Please share your vision for our community with me at votelorrainebrown@gmail.com, and consider volunteering your time or making a donation at www.votelorrainebrown.com

Together we can make a difference!

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