Lorraine Brown has been dogged and determined in supporting proposed legislation that benefits our families. I have seen her in committee hearings at the State Capitol testifying for causes that will make a difference. Lorraine will be a very effective State Legislator.
— Dixon M. Pitcher, Utah State Representative, District 10
I have never met a woman more qualified to represent this community than Lorraine Brown. Observing her over the years I have seen her leadership, her sense of purpose, her dedication to doing the right thing at the right time. I believe she’s ready to accept the challenge to move into the political arena and represent Ogden and her constituents in an exceptional way. Please take the time to get to know this fine lady and give her the support she need to get elected.
— John Gullo Trustee, American Dream Foundation Former member, Ogden City School Board
Lorraine has been a hard working advocate for families in the Ogden area who are experiencing homelessness. I have observed her careful attention to detail, her compassion for people in our community and her desire to contribute her professional skills and expertise as a volunteer. She is honest and genuine. She has the qualifications required to be an effective member of the Utah House of Representatives. I am confident that Lorraine will demonstrate initiative, compassion and innovation in working with others to find solutions for issues that impact our community.
— Raquel Da Silva Executive Director, Family Promise of Ogden